Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

We had so much fun this Halloween weekend. We started out our celebration on Friday morning getting Izaak ready to wear his SWAT team member outfit for a trunk or treat at daycare. As you can imagine he was super excited. Something about handcuffs, dark shades, a whistle and a flashlight makes this little boy really happy. Izaak looked great. We were also super excited to pick up Zak from the airport that afternoon. Zak was in Texas on a business trip and we sure missed him tons. Zak brought back some presents for us too and that made us extra happy!
Saturday we had our Ward’s trunk-or treat. It was so much fun. We enjoyed a taco dinner, showed off our costumes and Izaak won 2nd place on the children costume contest (Zak may or may have not pulled some strings for this since they asked the bishopric for votes and guess what? Zak is in the bishopric! J). We enjoyed all of our wards families costumes! Then the fun part began at the trunk or treat. Zak and I took turns taking Izaak around to pick up some candy and handing out candy to our little friends in the ward. It was fun. We managed to entertain Izaiah with a glow stick while he sat on the trunk of our car. He is such a good baby! We had to make a stop at the grocery store after the trunk or treat and people there enjoyed our boys all dressed up in their costumes too. I enjoyed all the cute comments my boys were getting.
For Sunday Zak and I had decided to keep it low key and wanted to enjoy just a fun time together as a family, so I made a special dinner for us. I made a stop at the Dollar Tree (which I love especially for the holidays… you can find great decorations there!) during the week and some fun items to entertain our boys. Hubby also showed another talent of his which the boys and I really enjoyed… he is a balloon artist! He made Izaiah a puppy, Izaak got a crown and sword and I got a beautiful flower! (I am kicking myself for not taking pictures of those wonderful treasures) My man has so many talents besides being a wonderful husband and a great father. I love him! Izaak also enjoyed handing out candy to the few trick-or-treaters that stopped by. He was so excited about handing out candy and he kept digging in our bowl for more and more candy to hand out. All in all it was a fantastic day!

Our little Tigger Izaiah and his cute cheeks

Zak being silly

Our decorated dinner table

Watch out! This SWAT team member is on duty

My chick magnet

The astronaut

(Gracias abuelo y abuela!)