Wednesday, June 29, 2011

And the award goes to...

I got an email that included this picture from my super husband.

With this sweet note:

"I was awarded SDI's first gold glove award today.

It's pretty heavy!!


I love you! Part of this is yours!"

It was so thoughtful of him to say that I had anything to do with it when in reality it is just all him.

I am thankful for a smart, diligent, persevering, hardworking man in my life.

I love you babe! Way to go!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Celebrating Father's day reminds me how lucky I am. I have a wonderful father, two wonderful father in laws (yeah I have been doublely blessed) and a wonderful husband in my life.
Izaak was my special helper this morning, he warned his papi not to come out of the room because we were working on something special for him... our father's day banner. Izaak was so excited to show this to him.
I think this will a Father's day that Zak will never forget. Zak has been called to serve as Branch President in the Burlington Spanish speaking Branch and he was set apart today. I am so excited for my husband. I know that he will do a great job and that our family will be greatly blessed because of his service. I am also excited that we will attending a Spanish speaking branch. I think that this will help us (and force us) to speak Spanish more often. What a great blessing!
Happy Father's my love!