Sunday, May 30, 2010

Future chef

Izaak loves to help out mami. He has papi's talent in the kitchen.

He will not only be a heart-breaker, he will also be a great cook.
Ah only a girls dream come true!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Madre Mia

It has been amazing having my mother here for the birth of Izaiah. I was really anxious for the day to come when she would be here in NC. I adore her and the distance between us is just not fair.

Mom stayed with Izaak while Zak and I were at the hospital for the delivery of our new baby. I knew that Izaak was in great hands and that made me feel at peace. She is a great mom and grandmother. She knows just what to do to make us feel better and take good care of us. Mom was even potty training Izaak while we were staying at the hospital. She is awesome! Izaak had a great time. I was anxious to introduce Izaiah to his abuela. It has been a blessing for Anthoinette and I to have our mom close to us after the birth of our children. Izaiah is mom’s fifth grandchild and she is so happy to be around all her grandchildren.

I appreciate my mom more every day. Being a mom myself has made me realize what an amazing job my mother did. I sometimes ask myself how she was able to handle us four kids, each with a 2-year difference or less. I sometimes think that I may not be able to handle it with my two boys, but her great example keeps me going. Gracias mami por todo tu amor y por tu ejemplo. Te quiero mucho!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Our new routine

This is my first week back at work and Izaiah’s first week at daycare… I was a little sad to leave my baby already. But things have gone pretty well this week and Izaiah seems to be enjoying his teachers and new baby friends. I shed a few tears the first day, but Izaiah was all smiles when I dropped him off and that is the image that kept me going all day. I love my little boy!
Great news… Izaak is potty training and doing so well! He started having dry pull-ups last week and we decided to keep him in big boy underwear throughout the weekend. He does wear pull-ups at night for bedtime but other than that he is super excited to be in his underwear. I tend to worry a little whenever we are away from home, but he has managed to keep himself dry and I try to carry an extra set of clothes just incase. He has had a few accidents, especially when it comes to poop (he likes to hide whenever he has to go #2 so we knew this would be a challenge), but overall he has done great. Yesterday was his first day with no accidents at all and we just had to go out and celebrate so we went out for dinner at McAlister’s (this also felt like a reward for mami because it meant she did not have to cook) and now Izaak is the proud owner of Thomas the Train big boy underwear! Trust me this is a big deal for my little boy. His life is so much happier when you mention Thomas the Train anything. A great milestone for my big boy, hooray! Papi and mami are also so excited that we will not have to buy any more diapers for Izaak pretty soon… hey that is like a $50 - $60 saving a month… double hooray!

Zak and I have managed to survive this week. It has been a change now that we are both back to work and now our mornings consist of rushing around getting ourselves ready and two little boys all dressed for the day. Trust me this calls for great teamwork. Zak is Mr. Incredible usually carrying Izaiah in his car seat in one arm and his backpack and sack of lunch in the other and I am the Bag Lady carrying my purse, breast pump bag, lunch bag, Izaak’s bag with extra clothes, and Izaiah’s bottle bag. Thank goodness Izaak has learned to go down the stairs on his own because if not I would need to grow an extra set of hands for him to hold on to. By the time we set foot out of the house and get everyone in the car it feels like such an accomplishment. I know that things will get easier for us because at the moment it still feels like chaos and I would give anything to sleep a straight 8 hours.

We are definitely enjoying being a family of four and though it may be hectic it is totally worth it. It is so rewarding to see Izaak and Izaiah happy. We love them so much and they are the biggest blessings that Zak and I have received from our Heavenly Father after our union. I am eternally grateful for my husband, who is absolutely a wonderful companion and teammate in this journey and he is also a loving father to our children. He is my inspiration and the one that keeps me going. Thank you babe!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Blessing Sweet Izaiah

Blessing our babies is a wonderful event. Hubby has such a sweet spirit
when it comes to blessing our children.
You are such a great father to our sons, babe!