Monday, June 7, 2010

All within 24 hours…

Our little guy has had it rough. Let me tell you what happened starting Sunday. We were blessed to have Elder Bednard visit Greensboro and we had a special stake conference where we had to the opportunity to listen to his words. It was amazing. Now Greensboro has not had a general leader visit for the last 27 years, you can just imagine how many people showed to this event. Our stake center was crowded and really warm, not a good combination. By the end of the meeting I was in the mother’s room with Izaiah and then started the search to find my family. Well I found Zak but Izaak was nowhere in sight. Zak had turned for a few seconds to speak to a friend and in no time Izaak was gone. Talk about the worst feeling in the world. The search began. Zak, Anthoinette, Alex, Amanda, Bishop Lee, myself and others looking from room to room including bathrooms and closets all and any little space where we thought that a little kid could hide was searched. It seemed like eternity and with every passing second my thoughts turned to the worst. Next time I saw Zak I couldn’t hold it in anymore and I started to cry. I imagined that someone had taken my baby away from me. It was miserable. We probably searched for over 10 minutes, which once again felt like forever, and then finally some relieve after my brother-in-law, Alex, had found him. Zak and I asked where he had found him, but in reality neither one of us really cared, all that mattered was that our baby was back in our arms, safe. Izaak had a big smile on his face… this little boy had no clue of what papi, mami and others went through. Zak and I wanted to make him understand how unsafe it was to leave our side but deep inside of me all I wanted him to understand was how scared I was to lose him. After talking to him and explaining to him that this cannot be done; we believe he understood that this was a serious matter after he began to cry. I am thankful nothing worse happened.

Monday comes and we are getting ready for work and school. I was extremely excited because we were actually almost ready before 8 am. Zak decides to go ahead and get the car started and the boys in their car seats while I finished fixing my hair. Next thing I heard is Izaak screaming. I ran out of the bathroom and poked my head out the front door (I had no shirt on) and Zak explains that Izaak had fallen down the stairs. Since Zak and Izaak were at the bottom of the staircase I assumed that he had missed a couple of steps, but in reality he had lost his balance and fell down about 10 – 12 steps. I started to freak out a little after receiving this piece of information and I asked Zak several times (poor guy, I drive him crazy) if we should take him to the doctor. Izaak looked fine, only but a few scratches on him. Heavenly Father was really protecting him, no doubt about it. So we set-up an appointment and Zak took Izaak in to get checked out. The doctor was even impressed that he was doing so well even after such a long fall. My big boy is tough and strong. Zak called me after the doctor’s appointment to let me know how everything went and also told me that he felt bad for our little guy so he decided to treat him to McDonalds. I was once again reminded of what an awesome husband I have and what an amazing dad he is. This was not his fault but yet he felt like he had to make it up to Izaak. Izaak you are one lucky boy with a very special papi.