Saturday, July 2, 2011

We love Saturdays

We call it our family day. Every day of the week has a theme in Izaak's class at daycare. For example Wednesdays = book day, Thursdays = movie day/ice cream truck day and Fridays = Show & Tell day. So every morning Izaak usually wakes up asking what day is it? It makes him very excited when he knows what to expect for the day. So when Saturdays come and he asks this question we respond family day (Sundays are Church day). Today we visited a park and it was so much fun. We picked up some dinner and ate at a picnic table and played in the grass after our bellies were full. It was nothing glamorous but definitely something our boys were pretty excited about!
These are some funny pictures of Izaiah eating blueberries. He was loving them so much that he was trying to fit fist full of them in his mouth!

Zak couldn't stop laughing even though we were trying to be serious when telling Izaiah to eat slowly. Boys will be boys!