Sunday, February 28, 2010

Great People + Yummy Food = Wonderful Day

Tia Jessica came for a quick visit and of course before she left we had to have a get together. We also celebrated tia Jessica's birthday and this definitely had to include some delicious food.

See that beautiful tart with all the colorful fruit... hubby made it. That's right he spoils all of us with his incredible cooking talent.

All the girls with tia ready to sing happy birthday. I know my belly takes up half of the picture.

We then hurried over to the airport to say goodbye to tia Jessica.
We decided to try out our new stroller.

I think that these little two liked the ride. We are certainly hoping that Izaiah will like it too.

Tia we certainly enjoyed your visit! Please come back soon.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Izaiah's Baby Shower

I have been really blessed this week. First my work baby shower, my mom arriving from Miami and now my baby shower where my wonderful family and great friends shared a special time with me. We all got together at one of my favorite places, P.F Changs.

Izaiah is a lucky boy with family and friends that love him so much already!

Lecia, Ashley, Mary and Leah

Jonathan was the brave man who joined all the women

My beautiful family.
Thanks to tia Jessica, Lita and mom for making sure to be here all the way from Miami, FL. It would have been the same without you guys!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


"My feet are beginning to swell...
is this a sign that Izaiah is ready to come out?"

I emailed hubby with this information and he replied with: "sounds like a posting." My first thought was "funny guy" but the more I thought about it I finally decided why not? Hubby is a genius and Izaiah will probably appreciate this!
So with only four more weeks to go you can say that I am super excited to have another little angel join our family. Part of me wants to have this baby NOW, but the other says no, he needs all the time necessary in mami's incubator.
I had my appointment with Dr. Lavoie today and hubby was able to come along. I was glad that he came with because he gets to hear Izaiah's heart beat and he gets to hear that this pregnancy is going pretty well from the doctor. I know it helps me to hear this every time I go! Also hubby is the brave one to ask for an additional ultrasound. Hopefully we will have another ultrasound prior to actually holding baby Izaiah in our arms.
We are still working on some final touches before baby is here. We have his crib set up in the "boys" room. Izaak and Izaiah will be sharing rooms once Izaiah is old enough... that means when he can sleep through the night and won't wake up big brother Izaak. We thought that it would be a good idea to add this to their room so that Izaak becomes more familiar with the fact that a baby is coming! We are super excited and know that this is a great blessing from our Heavenly Father. We love each other so much and can't wait to share that love with Izaiah!