Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Baby Love

Our first picture together... just a few seconds after his arrival

One of the wonderful nurses that stood by our side and cheered me on. My husband was wonderful too; he was so supportive.

A mother-baby nap after all the hard work.

Proud papa

Izaak came to meet his little brother, but he had to give mami a hug first... she missed him too much

Abuela and Izaak meeting Izaiah for the first time, precious!

Izaak is a great big brother already! Loving his Izaiah.

Izaak enjoyed the hospital food. Chocolate cake is delicious anywhere.

Welcome to the family Izaiah, we love you so much already!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Izaiah Rex Nelson
Born: 3/15/2010
Time: 9:23am
Weight: 6 pounds and 10 ounces
Length: 21 inches

We are so excited to have our second baby boy with us. He is our new little angel. We love you so much Izaiah!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Waiting and waiting

I am a little anxious for baby Izaiah to arrive. I know my due date is not until March 17th, but I am feeling like the time should be NOW! My plan has been to work until this baby arrives, but right now I am no longer in the mood to work. I want to go home to clean up, organize and I want to create more in my sewing machine. I took my machine out earlier this week and placed it on the dinning room table to work on some more cute projects for Izaiah but in reality it has not even been touched. I just have not had the energy to do anything after coming home from work and getting dinner ready. There is always something with more priority that needs to get done. To top it off today ‘s weather does not help either; lets admit a rainy day makes you want to be at home, cuddling up in some blankets and watch TV or sleep.
I went for another check-up this week and an ultrasound too. Zak, my mother and Izaak came along. We were super excited to see how our baby was doing. We did not realize that due to his current size it is not very easy to appreciate all of him with the ultrasound. The main purpose of the ultrasound at this point is mainly to measure his size and check the amount of fluid left in the placenta. The tech said that due to the measurements of the circumference of his head, size of his femur and size of his stomach the estimate for his current weight is of 7 lbs and 3 ounces. A whole pound bigger than when our Izaak was born. Whohoo!!
I also met with Dr. Lavoie and after checking my cervix she stated that I was about 1cm dilated. I was extremely excited. Dr. Lavoie said that any day now this baby would be here. Hooray! As part of the routine she handed me my chart and asked me to set-up a follow-up appointment in a week but also mentioned then that she did not think I would make it to that appointment and that she would just see me at the hospital. I was jumping for joy inside.

I want to hold my baby in my arms already!