Wednesday, July 28, 2010

3 already?

I woke up this morning anxious to hug, squeeze and kiss my little birthday boy Izaak. As I teased him and sang happy birthday in silly voice tones to wake him up the thought that I have a 3-year-old boy started to sink in. I begin to understand more and more why people say that time flies by. I have truly enjoyed learning how to be a mami with this amazing boy. Izaak has the best personality ever and is a sweet, sweet boy.

My Izaak,

Happy Birthday buddy! I feel so privileged to be your mami. You have taught me so much throughout the past 3 years. I love you so very much!
You are so special to me. There are times that I ask myself whatever I did to deserve you. Every hug and kiss from you just brightens up my day and makes me feel so good. You are so smart and I am amazed at how much you are learning each day. You have learned the ABC song and are starting to recognize letters, numbers and shapes. You are a pro when you play the pre-school games that papi downloaded for you on his ipod. You know how we sing you are my sunshine? Buddy you are truly mami’s sunshine!
I love our reading time and our playtime. You don’t like bedtime too much right now but if we decide to read a book together in bed it makes you so happy. I love when you call out “Mami play me, play me.” This is your current way of asking that we play together. I have tried correcting you but your way of saying this is much cuter.

Here is a list of some of the things you do now:
- You are fully potty trained; no more pull-ups at all! You are doing a great job even during nighttime. I must admit that I was a little hesitant to let you sleep in your big boy underwear but you have surely shown mami. Great job!
- You love to help mami set the table when we are getting ready to eat. You could be in the worst mood ever but when comes to setting the table you are the happiest boy ever. You use your counting skills to make sure you have the right amount of cups, plates, utensils and napkins for everyone.
- You really like Thomas and Friends and want to watch their videos on “the red” (Netflix) almost every day.
- Izaak you are a great big brother. You try to be so careful with Izaiah and we can just see all the love that you have for him with every hug and smile you give him.
- Your vocabulary is expanding everyday. You are getting better at using “please” and “thank you” and “may I.” You are awesome!
- You have had a love for Popsicles for sometime now, but you recently tried ice cream too and now your request is “can I have some ice cream please, not Popsicle, ice cream.”
- You like to offer others a snack/treat whenever you have one and you get so excited when they accept to have one with you. Super cute!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Our little beaner

While window shopping with my mom and Amanda,

Izaiah found a way to get all of our attention too.

This is what we came across to ...

(Amanda - thanks for the laugh!)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Four Months

Here are the stats of our chunky monkey, Izaiah.

Weight: 18 pounds 2 ounces
Length: 24 inches
Head circumference: 16.75 inches

He sure is a chubby boy and we are enjoying every single roll!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sickie Poo

Our baby boy has been sick for a few days. What we thought started out as just a cold has been terrorizing our baby’s body. We have been really blessed to have my mother stay with us and she has been watching over our Izaiah while we are back at work. There is nothing like the care of a grandmother… don’t believe me? Just ask Izaiah who giggles and coos when he is near his abuela. I called the doctors office and took him in today for a check-up. I must say that I feel like such a bad mother whenever I take my kiddies to the doctor’s office because they are sick. It always makes me wonder what I did wrong and what I could have done to prevent the illness. Yuck!
The doctor’s assistant directed us to the exam room and while walking there she commented on how heavy car seats are (she saw me struggling while carrying Izaiah in his carseat) and after I set the carseat on the exam table and she took a look at Izaiah she said, “now I know why you were struggling, he is one healthy boy.” By healthy she meant chunky. Izaiah is now weighing 16 lbs and 12 ounces. I have an almost 17 pound baby and he is not even 4 months yet! I am not complaining I am loving it; I wanted a chubby baby. I might just end up with beautiful toned arms to wear all the fabulous tanks I own ;-)
Dr Cummings checked Izaiah out and after listening to his chest he stated that we needed to get him started on pulmicort. This is a preventative breathing treatment for asthma. I just kept wishing Izaiah did not have to go through this. Zak and I have experience with this since our Izaak was also diagnosed with asthma and had to be on breathing treatments too. The doctor also asked that we get an x-ray of Izaiah’s chest. Not fun at all. Pictures of when Izaak had to get this done ran through my head and I was dreading it more and more. Have you ever seen what contraption is used to get a baby’s chest x-ray done?

It is called a Pigg-O-Stat. I call it torture. My baby was crying once he was placed in this device and all I could do was just hold his hands. Horrible right? Izaiah was a lot happier after I got him dressed and back in my arms.
Thankfully the results came back negative, which meant no sign of pneumonia. Thank goodness. So we started him on some antibiotics and we are just hoping for a speedy recovery.